I love you, you worthwhile to ask

I love you, you worthwhile to ask, in fact you should know that love is not worth asking is not worth it. (Microblogging classic quotations) Source: Wei Min 3.0 log

1, in fact, dating men and women, fresh the longest are generally only two months. When, after the past two months, two people would need to be running non-stop about half a year, during which easily break up. Butafter six months between the two arising from the original by virtue ofnot only in love with a good impression, but the real love and care. The way, must rely on the care and love hearts. Therefore, if the two have come together for half a year of training, please do not give up easily! — Taken from the best quotation】 【

2, we have made mistakes because of love, it is fortunate that this is for our loved ones, is not it? Lifeis always a lot of opportunities for us, let us start over, to correct the mistakes we have, I hope you will maintain this love, thank you for letting me know what love is. We are destined together again. – 【Thailand 2007 film "The Love of Siam"】

3, "I love you, you worthwhile to ask, in fact you should know that love is not worth asking is not worth it." – From Zhang】 【

4, true love, to cherish: no one who is born and destined together. A lifetime is not long. Loved one can encounter, a lucky thing. Why not grasped his hand yet. Life just love a person, not a disgrace. Heart knew, except he will have more good people there, but a person can not be too greedy. Firmly to a heart needs another heart warm, frank, so as to happiness. — 【001】 From Love Horoscope

5,all the "I’m just kidding" are certain with a little bit careful; all the "I do not know," but it is still a little understood; every time, "Ido not care" a little bit of care behind each and every time, "I’m fine," behind it or have so little pain. – Quotations】 【From classic bib

6, the lifetime for such a time to talk about a marriage for the purpose of a relationship. Not because of willful and refuses to bow, not because of stubbornness and lightly break up. Finally, to firmly believe that one has to go to connect to old age. Spend on that, in between the fleeting, the years well. If only this life, your hand, old age together. — Taken from the best quotation】 【

7, do you love him? Love told him, why the pain of missing deep in my heart. Afraid to look, status, identity do not match? Do not be afraid to love a person is good. You know, your love is the love in the world composed of a part of. Wang Han】 — 【From

8,some people will never know, his word, I will remember for a long time;of his disapproval of the commitment, I was struggling to everybody youmeet. After that, through the time change, and fade, gradually, forgotten. Thatbefore the second, also with full of hope, as brought to the high in the air; and then the next second, full of disappointment, as the bitterfall from a height. — Taken from the best quotation】 【

9, so that women have in mind the feelings, so that men have in mind the feeling. Feelings of precipitation over time, the feeling disappears with time. Throughout their different species, so, who can understand who’s in love, who can understand who’s left. — 【001】 From Love Horoscope

10, Fayuan Chile Master said: You realize or come to their senses, said to be there, not sad not happy. You repair or not repair, trouble is there, not to go. You Ming Ming or no, problems there, not to rise. You view or not view, impermanence there, having left not abandon. – To the arms of consciousness, or admitted to consciousness of mind, silence Affinities, Qing Ji joy. Wang Han】 — 【From

11,to see the extent of a woman love you, see her smile in front of you are happy, but also depends on whether she cried in front of you completely; see her makeup style of thousands more to see what she does not carve pristine natural ; see her modesty weight, but also to see hera reason to throw spoiled; see her soft watery warmth of fire, more focused time for you to look at her with devotion – a love of the woman,she is solid in front of you , and without reservation, despite everything. — 【】 From the text of Yang Xin Tang

12, there are some things, bad for the heart, some pain, for quietly forgotten. When experienced, you grow up, they know like. Many changes, do not you say to yourself, others will see. —】 【Quotations taken from the classic bib

13, from now on, smarter, do not ask other people want you, love your? Ifyou naturally want to love you or will you say, but from your mouth andsay it, people will be proud and do not care about you. ——‘llNever be too concerned about some people worry so much about something,let it be the best state of mind to face, because the world is this: things are often in the face of most care about, we do not value the most. — From a woman born to the beautiful 【】

14, it is easier and their close people angry, not that they hate people. Theso-called close to him, that most of the time with them in person – this is important, it is often that we get angry because we have more people who own close to expectations, or that want to get more from themthings. — 【Taken from the most magical Psychology

15, this world, there are always individual, his rule had you. Whenever you see him, you naturally restrained bad temper, become tame as a lamb. Whenever you see him, your frustration will disappear without a trace. With him, you found that he had never been so gentle; with him, you will trying to be smart. ——Fell in love with him, you little afraid of him; fell in love with him,you start to believe in fate; whether the past life you owe him something? Who knows, you got his rule. — 【001】 From Love Horoscope

16, sometimes, the world is big is big, we do not have a lifetime chance to meet. Sometimes, the world was very small, small enough to look up to see your smiling face. Therefore,in the meet, please be sure to appreciate; love, please be sure to cherish; turn, please be sure to grace; say goodbye, please be sure to smile. — From a travel】 【

17,the other said: "I do not love you.", You are worried, and blurted out:"Never mind, ah! We can be together, ah!", Finished, and you suddenly cried, not because they do not love sad you, but because of this moment,you suddenly wake up, they have become beggars of love. . . . . —- 【Tsai Kang-yung love message to the unknown lover】

18, two years after breaking up, in a city unexpectedly. M: "How are you?" Woman: "Good." M: "he?" Daughter: "Good." Woman asked, "How are you?" The man replied, "Good." Woman: "Is she all right?" M: "She just told me she was good." This is my favorite love story. – From microblogging funny 【Top】

19,you will not suddenly appears, in the corner coffee shop, I will bring asmile, waving greetings, and you, sitting in a chat. ——I really want to meet with you to take a look at your most recent change, and not to say that the past, only greeting, to say the words, just say, long time no see … … – 【Eason Chan, "Long time no see "】

20,very often, a man finds himself falling in love with a person, are, respectively, with him, I suddenly look not see the guy, I realized thatI had unwittingly produced the man, a strong attachment. – 【"Haw Love"】

21, do a warm woman. Make a woman laugh. Happy and know how happy. Happy and infect people around happy. Try to do better. Occasionally wayward, but not sharp. Occasionally sensitive, but not nervous. Willing to share all the happy and unhappy things. Happy, smile, let everyone know. Sad, cry, and then as nothing happened. – From beauty and health】 【

22, you should not be done, it is your own decision. If you do not try, how do you know what you give up? – 【From "the woman is not bad,"】

23, If I had courage, the outcome is not the same. If you insist that time, memories will not like this. —— Sometimes, a person’s disappearance, a lonely world. — Xinyu】 【From collar mood

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